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Electricity | Table | Lanyard

Thanks for submitting!

Please complete and email by December 31st, 2023


Exhibitor identification will be provided. Each exhibitor is required to have show identification in order exit and re-enter the facility. This also includes models and their assigned guardian/parent.


Single booth: 2 Lanyards provided 

Double booth: 4 Lanyards provided 

Quad booth: 6 Lanyards provided

Additional lanyards can be purchased for $10 below.


Electrical Service is supplied by the MBCC. Please order electric and pay through the Direct Link


You will only qualify for the pre-order rate if you purchase your electric 10 days prior to the Exhibitor Move In date.


Exhibitors have the option to bring their own tables, display cases, furniture and rugs to decorate their booth space. 

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